If your mower is running well, the Standard Service keeps it that way!

Service includes blades(s) sharpening, oil change, oil filter change, new spark plug, blow out air filter, grease points, mobile service call – we come to you!

  • $75 push mowers
  • $155 standard riders
  • $169 zero-turn mowers


Much of the time, bad gas or gunk in the carburetor is to blame when a mower won’t start. The Revive Service includes everything in the Standard Tuneup plus cleaning the carburetor and draining the old fuel to get you up and running again.

  • $110 push mowers
  • $200 standard riders
  • $215 zero turn mowers.

OTHER REPAIRS – We have a $75 minimum for each service call.

We focus on basic maintenance, such as changing oil, sharpening blades, etc. but, there are some other small repairs we can handle. Our minimum charge to come to you is $75. If the repair can be done while we’re there, that cost goes toward the repair. Contact us with any questions.